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KLB Construction, Inc. is a family-owned Heavy Highway Civil Contractor with more than 25 years serving communities.

Mukilteo-based KLB construction operates primarily in the state of Washington with active projects from Seattle to Spokane and from Tacoma to Bellingham. Visit our Project Showcase and take a tour of our current and past projects.

One of the ways KLB sets itself apart from the competition is by getting our employees to focus on safety so that it becomes a state of mind and not just following rules and directions.

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Featured Project

211880 - I90, Snowshed to Keechelus Dam Phase 1C

211880 - I90, Snowshed to Keechelus Dam Phase 1C


KLB in the Press

"Young professionals clean up local parks"

—Ballard News Tribune (June 6, 2009)

What has enabled KLB Construction to celebrate 25 years of business?

"Good relationships with owners (earning trust). Faithful and qualified employees andmanagement who stay busy and get treated fairly. Bidding jobs tight and completing them safely and efficiently with high quality standards."

—Brad Montgomery

"Establishing working relationships and being family owned and operated."

—James Bosa

"Teamwork Respect Unity Safety Timely: TRUST."

—John Grady

"KLB has continued to be very loyal to vendors as well as emplyees. This has been a stronghold for all 25 years. There is something to be said about 'what goes around, comes around.'"

—Roni Grady

"KLB's excellent relationship with owners, clients, their dedication and commitment to perform and deliver quality work. The hard word of KLB's owners and their employees. It is trust and respect that we all earn from the contracting agency, prime contractors or subcontractors."

—Aiesh Ragih

"The core group of KLB employees who are some of the most loyal, dedicated, innovative, hardworking people in the industry."

—Brenden Johnson

"Great upper managemnet - Leadership decisions, Ethics, Loyalty, Having good people; office and fied, CAN DO attitude."

—Vince Bosa

"I think excellent cooperation from employees."

—Taylor Grady

"It's both the old employees who give us a steady foundation to build from, and thenew employees who bring new ideas, strength and changes to the business."

—Ed Aguigui

"Innovation and creativity, team work, good people working within their skills and up to a challenge."

—Dick Wall

"I would like to start by saying we have come a long ways in the last 25 years. I think team work, dedicated emplyees, and management helped get us there."

—John Johnson

"I think it has been a team effort from everybody involved with KLB. It has excellent leadership, pride and quality of workmanship and dedication from all employees from the top down."

—Todd Meade