KLB construction was awarded this project by King County Wastewater treatment division in 2011, KLB was responsible to replace the existing concrete damaged sewer pipe with new PVC pipe from Bellevueway and SE 3rd to SE 6th and 102nd street in the busy downtown city of Bellevue

This complicated 2400 LF of new sewer pipe alignment consisted of new pipe line and sewer Manholes that ranges from 18" to 42" that started at Bellevue way and ended with a final connection to the live pump station located at SE6th and 102nd

What made this project more challenging than others were the requirements of continuous dewatering and continuous bypass sewer system since we could not interrupt the existing sewer and more complicated are adjacent apartment, town houses building that required vibration monitoring systems to ensure no settlement

This project was successfully completed by KLB's crews