Costco Redmond

KLB is currently performing the sitework and civil packages for Costco's Redmond opening for the fall of 2017. The sites are typically 20-30 acres in size.  KLB is performing the clearing & grubbing, mass excavation, retaining wall, storm, water, and sanitary sewer utilities and erosion control measures. Each location has approximately 10,000 lineal feet wet utilities, 20 acres of clearing, and approximately 100,000 cy of excavation per site.

In addition KLB performs footing, freezer pits, and loading dock excavation for the store. Each location has approximately 177,000 sf of warehouse floor put to subgrade. Along with the building, 150,000 sy of parking lot is prepared for island curbs, paving and concrete sidewalks. Extensive coordination is performed with all variable subcontractors from electricians, to masonry, to paving subcontractors. Our schedule on location is 180 calendar days to build the site work for the Costco property. There is only 110 days from "Day 1" (footing excavation) to store front opening. Other stores KLB worked at include Lynnwood, Union Gap, Bellingham, and Yakima.