I-5 Portland Ave to Port of Tacoma NB HOV

Scope of work: This contract provides for the improvement of 2.01 miles of 1-5 in Pierce County, MP 134.62 to MP 136.63, 1-5 - Portland Avenue to Port of Tacoma Road - Northbound HOV and SR167 MP 0.03 to MP 0.51 by clearing, constructing HOV lanes, retaining walls, settlement monitoring, placement of geofoam fill, ground improvements, utility replacement, excavation, grading, drainage, paving, cement concrete pavement, HMA pavement, striping, storm water treatment systems, a portion of a drainage system using the trenchless method, constructing a concrete headwall, a pump station, illumination, intelligent transportation systems, traffic signals, guardrail installation, concrete traffic barrier installation, removing existing Bridge No.'s 5/454N-N, 5/455E-N, 5/455N-N, and 167/11E-N, removing portions of existing Bridge No. 5/455, constructing replacement Bridge No.'s 5/454 N-N and 5/456E, constructing and removing work access, furnishing, operating, and removing a structure lifting system, performing expansion joint modification and further deck preparation, scarification of concrete surface, furnishing, placing, and curing modified concrete overlay, furnishing and installing cantilever sign structures and sign bridges and other work.