Lyon Creek Flood Mitigation

Scope of work: The City is proposing to construct stream improvements and culvert replacements on Lyon Creek, adjacent rights-of-way including SR522, and private properties. Culvert replacements include four 20-foot wide pre-cast reinforced concrete split box culverts ranging in length between 80 feet and 160 feet. Stream improvements involve approximately 1,200 lineal feet of stream channel. Other Work includes but is not limited to temporary erosion/water pollution control, temporary traffic control, clearing and grubbing, tree removal, construction of cast-in-place reinforced concrete wall with wooden fence, installation of prefabricated pedestrian bridge, installation of prefabricated vehicle bridge pavement removal and replacement, curbs, sidewalks, gravel trails, fencing, berms, utility relocation's, placement of urban design features, site restoration and re-vegetation, and other such Work as may be necessary.