Medford Fern Valley Interchange

Scope of work: Paving, Grading, Drainage, Structures, Signing & Roadside. The Work to be done under this Contract consists of the following on the I-5: Fern Valley Interchange, Unit 2 Section of the Pacific Highway in Jackson County: 1. Install and maintain temporary traffic control. 2. Install temporary erosion control. 3. Perform earthwork. 4. Install storm sewer systems. 5. Install potable water systems. 6. Install potable water systems. 7. Construct and remove temporary detours. 8. Construct retaining wall. 9. Construct MSE Wall. 10. Remove existing Bear Creek Bridge and construct new Bear Creek Bridge. 11. Construct Fern Valley Overpass. 12. Perform cold plane pavement removal. 13. Install curbs, sidewalks, and concrete islands. 14. Construct aggregate base and HMAC paving. 15. Construct PCC Paving. 16. Install guardrail and concrete barrier. 17. Install signing and striping. 18. Install fencing. 19. Perform landscaping, planting and seeding. 20. Install illumination, signals and camera system. 21. Remove temporary traffic control. 22. Perform additional and incidental work.