Mercer Corridor

Scope of Work: The project improvements consist of paving, pavement reconstruction, upgrading and replacement of utilities, under-grounding overhead utilities (including transmission, distribution and communication lines), drainage structures, sewer and water lines, grading, sidewalks, signalization, signing (including DMS signs), street and pedestrian lighting, landscaping, bicycle facilities, ADA curb ramps, retaining walls and building demolition. Mercer Street will be modified to two way traffic, widened to the south with a landscaped median, left-turn lanes, parking, and sidewalks ranging in width from 16 feet to 25 feet with planting strips and pedestrian and bicycle amenities. The street will be widened to have three eastbound lanes, three westbound lanes with a landscaped median and will include left-turn lanes. Mercer Street improvements will also include the replacement of the SR 99 bridge over Mercer Street, the removal of the Mercer Street/Dexter Avenue bridge over Broad Street, retaining wall upgrades and retaining wall removals. Roy Street improvements include intersection revisions to accommodate pedestrian amenities, utility improvements, and modifications to change the traffic pattern from a one-way westbound to a two-way street between Queen Anne Avenue North and Fifth Avenue North.