NE 134th St. Interchange

Scope of Work: Improvement of I-5/I-205, 0.98 miles of Interstate 5, MP 6.95 to MP 7.93, and 0.50 miles of Interstate 205, MP 36.07 to MP 37.16 in Clark County, by Constructing bridges at NE 139th Street, associated bridge ramps, and removing Br. No. 205/48. Construct embankments and 3 pre-cast concrete girder bridge structures over and adjacent to I-5 and I-205. Realign approximately half mile of I-205 northbound under the new NE 139th St. structure. Requires: clearing and grubbing, grading, drilled shaft foundations, deep soil mixed trench, constructing drainage systems, surfacing, paving with hot mix asphalt, constructing reinforced concrete retaining walls, geosynthetic walls, EPS geofoam embankments, pre-cast concrete fascia panels, signal systems, ITS systems, illumination systems, permanent signing, pavement markings, roadside planting, temporary water pollution and erosion control, traffic control, and other work. Also includes modifications to existing traffic signals at the following locations: NE 10th Ave. at NE 139th St., NE 20th Ave. at NE 139th St., NE Hwy 99/Interstate Ramps at NE 134th St., NE 134th St. at Former Park and Ride Lot Entrance, & NE 20th Ave. at NE 134th St. The installation of new traffic signals at the following locations: NE 139th St. at I-5 NB off ramp (WSDOT signal), & NE 139th St. at I-5 SB on ramp (WSDOT signal). The interconnection of these signals via Ethernet communications, using existing, and new 48SMFO and copper interconnect.