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"Digging into a new way to move dirt"
August 15, 2017

"If you drive on Interstate 405 near downtown Renton, you may have noticed a lot of activity happening on the hillside to the south of the freeway..."

"Bothell finishes $23M boulevard"
August 25, 2017

2017: "A ribbon cutting yesterday celebrated the completion of a key element in Bothell's downtown revitaliazation."

"11-acre waterfront park will top huge slag pile"
December 9, 2016

2016: "Metro Parks Tacoma has been working for decades on how to best connect Point Defiance Park with the Tacoma waterfront."

"Interstate 90 Work Wrapping for Winter"
October 31, 2016

2016: But just because work wrapped for winter doesn’t mean crews won’t be back next spring in full force, continuing the $551 million effort to construct two avalanche bridges as part of the project, while stabilizing rock slopes.

"Automated construction sites are coming, but that raises some big questions about safety"
August 18, 2016

2016: Richard Glass, director of information services with the highway civil contractor KLB Construction of Mukilteo, said his company saves on surveying costs through the use of GPS systems on all its construction machinery.

"City contracts with company to install, new $1.6M storm line"
August 18, 2016

2016: Monday evening the City entered into an $1.8 million contract with KLB Construction to build it a new, 42-inch storm line from I Street Northeast to the pump station.

"KLB Construction Racer Reunion Night at Evergreen Speedway"
June 4, 2016

2013: On Saturday June 11th Evergreen Speedway will hold our annual racers reunion. 

"A Successful Adaptation"
March, 2015

2015: Transforming Washington state's I-90 into a wider, safer, more reliable transportation corridor.


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