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F200 aerial view of construction along side of I5
F200 multiple pieces of construction equipment working together along I5
F200 multiple excavators excavating and loading haul trucks in tight area
F200 excavator lifting rebar used for MSE wall installation
F200 wall crew installing MSE panel that an excavator is placing
F200 large excavator excavating trench
F200 clearing trees for new roadway
F200 excavator excavating alongside I5
F200 excavator working alongside survey crew
F200 belt loader loading trucks alongside I5
F200 aerial picture of I5
F200 aerial picture of all kinds of construction equipment working along I5
F200 two dozers working alongside each other at night
F200 excavator loading haul truck in front of water tower
F200 roller grading behind MSE wall
F200 excavator excavating hillside
F200 aerial picture of excavator loading a haul truck along I5
F200 vactor truck working with crew onsite
F200 excavator and haul truck working at base of hillside that is covered in plastic

SR 167, I-5 to SR 509 – New Expressway Project

Location: Fife, WA

Owner: WSDOT

Federal Way Link Extension (FWLE) Design-Build