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Who We Are

B2R Crews having a safety meeting before their night shift starts

Family from day one

KLB Construction was founded in 1984 by Kelly Lynn Bosa, the daughter of a highway construction family, a traffic control flagger, and 25-year-old mother of three. From these humble beginnings, KLB began operations as a women-owned business, providing roadway grading, concrete work, and highway safety improvements—eventually growing into civil construction and transportation projects.

As KLB grew, so did the size, scale, and complexity of our projects. Having nurtured close relationships with a strong network of project partners, general contractors, suppliers, and subcontractors, we were able to tackle these opportunities head on—reinforcing trust, expanding our capabilities, and successfully completing an expanding portfolio of renowned projects throughout the region.

Today, KLB remains a family company, even at 300 employees and counting. We’ve maintained our values and culture by staying true to the principles upon which we were founded: hard work, resilience, family, and respect. Many of us have been with the company for decades, or as second-generation team members, and we’re proud to do our part to further the legacy of KLB.

We’re at our best when faced with a challenge

Honoring our responsibility to do right by our employees, our clients, and the communities we serve, we operate under the strictest standards of safety, proficiency, and fairness in everything we do.

Our Work

KLB Corp. Office
KLB Employees working on a job site


First and foremost, KLB is a company of people. We are a family of skilled, determined, and experienced construction professionals who share ideas and look out for one another—working together to deliver some of our regions’ most essential and ambitious projects.

Meet KLB

  • James Bosa

    James Bosa


  • Kelly Bosa

    Kelly Bosa

  • Jason Cadle

    Jason Cadle

    Project Manager

  • Corey Christensen

    Corey Christensen

  • Bill Grady

    Bill Grady

    General Manager

  • Chris Graham

    Chris Graham


  • Mike Holmes

    Mike Holmes

  • Lucas Jelmberg

    Lucas Jelmberg

    Project Manager

  • Brenden Johnson

    Brenden Johnson

    PE Project Manager

  • Jane Mason

    Jane Mason

    PE Project Manager

  • Omar Ortiz

    Omar Ortiz

    Project Manager

  • James Phillips

    James Phillips

    PE Project Manager

  • Jeff Pietz

    Jeff Pietz

    PE Project Manager

  • Aiesh Ragih

    Aiesh Ragih

    PE Project Manager

  • Jen Sorensen

    Jen Sorensen